3 amps bridged to 180wpc or a 5 channel amp,sound?

I have a Carver AV-405 power amp for my theater system rated at 100wpc. I was thinking of going to 3 Carver TFM-6cb amps bridged to 180wpc for the front three speakers.
I was told that you loss some sound field when you bridge an amp to mono. Can someone shed some light on this please. as to why. I thought the 3-monos would be the best.

Thanks for your time!!!!

On most mass produced amps, bridging typically sounds worse than an unbridged unit. Most of this has to do with parts tolerances, mass production and a lack of properly matching output devices. The end result sonically is typically harder sounding treble with a loss in midrange liquidity. If you already have the units and can easily bridge them, try it and see. If you are thinking about purchasing the units and then bridging them, i would simply look for an amp(s) that deliver the power that you want right off the bat. Sean
Hi Sean,
Thanks for the reply. I do already have the 3 amps and they can be bridged via a switch on the back of the units. I have the system in a cabinet and its a lot of work to change things out,otherwise i would just try swapping the amps around. I just wanted to get some feedback too find out what changes in an amp when it is bridged.