3.6 Maggie owners input needed on amps...........

I just ordered a new pair of 3.6's to replace my 1.6's. I'm currently using an Adcom GFA-5802 amp and would like to upgrade for the new 3.6's. I also use the GFP-750 preamp. What works with your 3.6's? My budget for an amp is in the 1500/2000 range new or used. This quest because of my lack of knowledge needs expert advice. Thank you and it's graetly appreciated too!
There have been a few threads on this subject so search the archives. But to recap quickly in your price range look into getting the best bryston you can afford or a pre-owned Innersound ESL300, I would lean towards the innersound.

BTW the 3.6's are fantastic speakers, having owned much more expensive speakers I find it amazing how much I love my 3.6's They are truly the music lovers speaker.
If you do not need it too loud I would recommend a Plinius SA 100 MKIII, it worked amazingly well with my 1.6s with excellent attention to bass detail and impact while keeping a beautiful midrange tone.

In comparison to the Innersound ESL amp the Plinius had a fuller sound where the Innersound had a more stark and direct presentation, but quite alive and airy, and of course the Innersound had a lot more power.
Same situation for me from 1.6's to 3.6's. I went to a Spectron digital amp. Absolutely amazing-clarity, soundstaging, depth... It is astounding how it can make the Maggies rock when you want it. I know it is out of your price range now but, it is worth saving for or holding out to find a used Musician II on the 'gon. I have owned 28 amps over the past 12 years and this one has so much going for it. The power is the thing the Innersound has that the Maggies need. Well, the Spectron has 650 wpc and the Maggies use so much of it with room to spare. That's what you need-room to spare or you will kill the tweeter ribbons. Galen Carol Audio is so cool to work with. Check out the website gcaudio.com and look for the Spectron link. He lets customers try before they buy and gives an ultra-fair deal to boot.
Big watts, clean into low impedance is a helpful.

Find an old Stasi Threshold, an old Levinson 23, the 23,5 is a tad better but soooo expensive. Or hey you like Adcom, try a new Adcom amp.

Or: Coda, or MUSE, a couple of 160 MK II in mono may do the trick at about 300 watts and less than 2K used.

Or: Plinius, or Spectral, or Rowland, or -----
Some people find the big tube amps work well too.

Thanks for all of your responses. It appears that maybe I need to rebudget myself on the amp purchase. I don't want to be in the situation of not buying the right amp straight up. I beleive that makes a lot of sense. I will check out the site Jwmazur. Thanks again.............
any of the classe amps are a good match for the maggies. i've also heard them w/ bryston, mcintosh, bel canto, rotel, ati, gryphon, essence, levinson, unison, krell, and lexicon. classe and gryphon sound the best.
Aragon amps mate very well with Magnepans.
IMO you need 250 watts minimum with 300+ being better.
Some good amp choices here and some I would never use.
I like Classe, Bryston, Krell, Innersound, Threshold and Sunfire. Should be able to find some of these in your price range. Another option is a Rotel for now until you can afford the amp of your choice.
Tireguy, I have a 20K plus speaker systema and agree with you. I miss my Maggies and am thinking of selling and going back to them. They do somethings like no other. I think they are the best value in all of highend audio.
I also have 3.6s and am taking somewhat of a risk with the new Norh LeAmp 2s. They are not priced according to hype therefore they cost $195 each.

Now I have not heard them yet but, my pair is due to ship this week. And, if they sound good then I will add two more in a bi-amp configuration. All at a very reasonable price (less than your budget).

The Adcom 5802 that I currently have puts out 450wpc and it worked well with the 1.6's. The 3.6's are a different bread all together. Do you think that this Adcom amp would do justice to the 3.6's ? I know that Adcom isn't really a high line company like many of these others. Or should I not even bother with trying it and get something better right off the bat!
Zenieth- The adcom's have enough power to drive the 3.6's with aplomb. However they aren't the cleanest amps available and you will be able to tell more with the 3.6's then the 1.6's. I have a pair of modified GFA-565 mono's and they sound ok, but my BAT blows it out of the water. So if money's tight use the adcom and when you have enough to upgrade to the amp of your choice then you will hear a huge improvement again.
That sounds like a good plan Tireguy. I will have to shed more cash to step up to one of the Innersound,Bryston,or Spectron units. Gee what fun..........hahahahaha
Here is my recommendation :I own the predecessor 3.5 SE and partnered them with GRYPHON amps after a long search of try and error :ELEKTRA line,ORESTES lim.ed.;DM 100.Not the last word in bass response as you would from maggies expect,but the rest is absolutely fantastic.Buy the amps second hand,they are trouble free and out there.I really tried so much before maggies and Gryphon,but this is the way to go.Both are like the VERDIER turntable in a class of their own an worth the investment.Next year:maggie 20.1,a second DM 100 used,and thats the rest for my life.
The 3.6 are a great value and compare with more expensive speakers. It's not uncommon they will reveal the qualities of amps that are double or triple the speaker price. I got a McCormack DNA-2 Dlx. initially with my maggies and eventually got the Gold upgrade from SMc Audio. You could probably find a used DNA-2 close to your price range and plan to upgrade sometime in the future. Send an email if you want more information.
There is a Sim W4250se for sale right now. Direct predecessor of the vaunted W5, this amp should be a great match for the big planars. It's within your budget, and has tons of current, huge damping factor, 250w, bipolar outputs, and no global feedback. A steal, if it's as advertised (I don't know the seller). http://cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cl.pl?ampstran&1064076767
I have owned Maggies for 6 years and have tried Adcoms with it but never liked the sound, to me Adcoms always sounded harsh and unmusical. Surprisingly even a Quad 606 did pretty well driving a smaller as well as a mid size maggie. I have heard them paired with tubes as well as better SS amps. You should buy the best you can so that you derive full benefit of their fabulous and soundstage and liquid midrage, not forgetting non fatiguing high end detail. If I were you, I would go for a smaller high quality amp rather than bigger (more wattage) but lower quality if the budget came in the way.

The suggestions given are all good, the only exception being the Krell which in my opinion is not what the Maggies should be paired with. I personally never liked the maggies driven by Krell amplification. Just my own opinion.
After owning a pair of 3.6's, the best I found to drive them was the new Innersound amp. It has clarity that allows the smallest of details to shine thru without any brightness or glare. The midrange is just right, and the top end is way, way extended but never harsh (unless the recording is). The bottom is round, but tight, never dry sounding. It is absolutely dead quiet. With the 3.6's rated at 4 ohms, the amp will give you 600 watts per channel. Without a doubt, unquestionably, it is the best amp I tried on the maggy 3.6's. Best of all, they are reasonably priced. Go get one, you won't be disappointed!
My highest recommendation.
I auditioned the 3.6's with my Classe CA-200 and that combination worked just fine - ie, 200 wpc (well, I guess it's really 400 wpc @ 4 ohms) is quite sufficient. There are plenty of amps that can do the job. The CA200s usually go for around $1200-$1400 here on the 'Gon, and even CA300s are usually under $2000.

I originally heard the 3.6's with a CJ MV55 - definitely, definitely not enough power, although any time it didn't run out of power that was one sweet setup.