3.5mm mini plug cable

I'd like to connect my Rotel multi-channel amp to my Rotel AVR using the 12V trigger feature so it turns on and off with the receiver. I need to purchase a 3.5mm mini plug cable. Does it matter what the quality is? Would an inexpensive Radio Shack 3' length cable do the trick or can this actually impact sound quality?
Yes, there are differences between mini cables.
I have used cheap Radioshack cables, and when I switched
to at least a cheap Dynex from BestBuy, it was better.
Better yet, a Sony mini cable that I recently tried was far better.
Camelboy...really? The remote sensor turn on uses a very small voltage pulse to activate the circuit, and it's not in the signal path. I would be very surprised if it made any difference at all.
You are right. I used them for connecting portable
CD players and such, where sound quality is noticable.
Mofi is right for the 12v trigger I have used RadioShack for years on my McIntosh equipment and once I ordered one from McIntosh for the particular length I needed and the result was: the system turned on and the system turn off.
Probably why you never see Cardas Golden Reference trigger cables.
No doubt they'll be a huge difference in the quality of the turn-on, turn-off signal that'll make a jaw dropping difference in the system.

Somebody will believe it, just wait, it'll happen. Given much of the nonsense that's taken as gospel, for sure this'll join the clever little clock and others to infamy.

I just googled the words written on the side of the cable from Mark Levinson and found the following cable for $14.99. See attached.


This is the exact cable that they sell with their $8,000 to $12,000 amps.
Thanks all. I ended up going with a $5.00 Radio Shack 6' cable and it works fine. No compromise in sound whatsoever. This is simply to activate the 12V trigger of the amp from the receiver.
It sounds as if you've made an excellent choice.
Aaronmadler: Thanks. Yes, it's working fine.

Switching gears a bit, how do you like your Oppo BDP-83 for CDs? Do you use it strictly for playing music CDs? How's the punch & slam for the bass extension? How about the mids?