$3-5K speakers to match Rockna/Enleum

Hi everyone!

I come from mostly the headphones world so apologies if I'm missing something here or will need to add details in a second post.

I'm looking to get my first serious set of speakers and would like to drive them with my current headphones chain - I have a Auralic Aries G1 streamer, Rockna Wavedream Edition DAC and Enleum Amp-23r (25wpc) amp.

My budget is around 3-5K USD and don't mind buying used. I believe because of the amp I should look at higher sensitivity speakers (over 90? More?).

Looking for floor standing full range speakers.

My favorite headphone of all time is the Susvara and if I can match that sound characteristics that'll be awesome. It's very musical but detailed. I prefer bass over treble generally speaking. Room size is medium. Music genres is varied.


Looking forward to your suggestions!


I have Ascend Acoustics Sierra Towers driven easily by a Pass XA 25. I have the version with the RAAL tweeter. They're lovely. I complement them with subs. You might just email Ascend (they're good about correspondence) and talk to them about your particular amplification.

There are a variety of higher sensitivity brands that are great.  I know the Rockna.  I don't know the Enleum.

With 25w, Klipsch, Zu, Tekton and Cube Audio would all be brands I would look at.  Zu and Tekton are direct.  Whether you go new or used would dictate what models to look at.  I would do research on those 4 brands and I am sure others people will recommend.  

I have no relationship with any of these brands.