3.5 to RCA Cable


I recently replaced a freebie 3.5 to RCA cable with a $10 cable (between a Bluetooth rec and preamp) and heard a noticeable increase in clarity.

This is not an attempt to start a fuss over cables. The freebie cable may have been damaged or a manufacturer's defect, plugs may have been dirty, etc.

The $10 replacement cable may be adequate- but the experience made me curious.

If you have a similar setup, I'd be interested in learning from your experience with cables.

Budget wise, as an example- I'm curious about the Audioquest Tower cable.

Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance for your help.

I replaced my freebie cable from my Bluetooth adapter with an Audioquest 3.5MM to RCA cable. It was their cheapest one at the time, I think I paid around $22 for it, it’s green.

I noticed an improvement all around. Worth the small investment.

Perfect, thanks very much. There is a Tower($23) and Evergreen($34) model.

Do you mind looking at yours if it's accessible? I'll just copy you if it's the Evergreen. 

Thanks again.
It is the Evergreen.  I bought it from Amazon about 2 years ago.  It was the least expensive Audioquest cable at the time.  The Tower model must be a newer item.  I went into my Amazon bought orders and I paid $26 for it.  It is 1 meter.
Awesome, I'll shop around a little and buy the Evergreen. 

Thanks again for your help.