3/5-channel power amp

Looking for a excellent power amp. I know that power numbers can be over-rated and are, so with that being said, what am i looking for in amp specs? Something that is going to give me some punch, without turning the volume way up. Of course without breaking the bank. Thank you.......PS: first time user
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Speakers? Room? Bank limit?
Snag a used Butler TDB-5150 or a 3150 here on the 'Gon. Tube goodness mated to MOSFET balls. 5 or 3 channel, 150 REAL watts/ch...I paid $1700 for my 5150, best amp I've ever had.

B&W: CMD-9NT 12' x 25' $1000

Thank you
I have been quite pleased with my Odyssey Audio Stratos HT3 (with cap upgrade), which I purchased in 2005. Except for a bad cap when new, it has been reliable. The sound is smooth, warm, but detailed, and extended. Good soundstage dimensionality and image placement as well. A solid amp at a reasonable price, IMHO.
Thank you for the suggestion. Sounds like a great system, NO pun intended.....