3/3/2015 Another San Francisco Smash and grab

Music Lovers audio in San Francisco was the latest victim.
Appears one of the owners lives in a condo above the store and was able to scream at the looters.

there is obvious damage to the store and loss of inventory

does this mean the general population is coming around as to the benefits of high end audio?
"03-06-15: Nonoise
Here, on this site, I was operating under the mistaken assumption that folk here were of a higher caliber."

I agree. Like Czarivey says, you don't want to leave any lawsuits lying around. You want the gun to activate life insurance policies, not health insurance.
Thieves know that they can be shot if they get caught in the act,and they go ahead and try to take what is not theirs anyway.Does not hurt my feelings at all when one of them gets,,,Shot!
In most states shooting a thief will get YOU in jail.
You have to fear for your life or grevious body harm .
Schubert, here in Texas it's open season on burglars and house crashers. No worries,come on down.