3.2 Channel with upgraded L/R or 5.2 channel?

Currently have a 5.2 channel surround system but mainly listen in 2 channel with dual subs. My question is, is it really necessary to stay 5.2 when watching movies, or should I get rid of the L/R fronts and the surrounds to upgrade the two front speakers? Selling the center channel is not an option, I don’t plan on ever letting that go (Sonus Faber Vox). 

Current system:

Dedicated 20amp line

AQ Niagara Edison outlet

AQ Dragon power cords throughout

AQ Dragon interconnects throughout

AQ Thunderbird Biwire speaker cables for Front LR 

AQ Thunderbird Zero speaker cable for Center Channel

AQ Vodka Ethernet cable

AQ Niagara 7000

McIntosh C2500

McIntosh MC1.2kw (X3 for LCR)

Pioneer Elite SC-LX701

McIntosh MCD205

Cambridge Audio Edge NQ

Fisher MT-6225 Turntable

Sonus Faber Olympica III

Sonus Faber Olympica I

Sonus Faber Vox 

REL 212 SE (X2) 


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 you could always pay more and get better, but your speakers and other gear are really nice and 5.2 is optimal for movies--i wouldn't change your system

+1 @loomisjohnson I’d sorely miss the immersive experience provided by surround speakers with movies, and your 2-channel setup seems more than fine. 

Looks like you are looking for an excuse to change a top notch system, just because.   You have gone past the excellent equipment and already invested in dubious tweaks.   Buy more music, more movies. Leave your system as it is.