3.1 lb record clamp ... good or bad?

I just recently purchased an outer ring clamp and heavy weight record clamp for my Clearaudio Maximum Solution table. The improvement was very noticeable and I recommend giving the outer ring clamp a try. My concern is that the 3.1 lb record clamp is too heavy and will damage the bearing. I have e-mailed Clearaudio and received no reply. I would like to get a few opinions on this concern regarding the 3.1 lb weight. Thanks.
Your 3,1 lb clamp should not damage the Max Sol TT's bearing.
Just check (once in a decade or so) that it's lubricated. Regards
A clamp should not be 3 lbs i would not use more than 1 to 1 1/2 lbs Try BREN 1 record weight/clamp works great,