3.1 channel processor....is there such a thing?

I'd like to setup a small 3.1 channel system for our tiny media room. I'd like to use active speakers, so I am looking for a small, hi-end processor to sit under the TV with other components. Any ideas? Do I just get a typical surround processor and then just run the 3.1 channels or is there something more specialized? Thanks!
Yes. There have been one or two odd ducks with 3 channels or 2.1 but I cannot recall any 3.1 units. Get a 5.1/7.1 and use the channels you need to use.

Yes, get 5.1 channel processor and use 3 of them..
OK. Thanks for the responses. Any suggestions on a small 5.1/7.1 processor that might compliment some NHT M-00 monitors with S-20 sub?
Anthem, Lexicon, Meridian, Classe, Rotel, Parasound, Outlaw, Integra, Emotiva are all big players and have good if not great gear at all prices points from Meridian at the top, Rotel in the middle and Emotiva in the budget real but in a small room with no serious demands and reasonable expectations most any will do. For a budget either a used Rotel would work great as they have so much features and adjustments at a great used price and Emotiva is launching a super anticipated Processor within maybe weeks that is crazy cheap...............dont forget to consider HDMI and future or current desire to run it in any choice you make to avoid future regret.
Thanks again.
The Emotiva UMC-1 is gonna be a giant killer, just give it a few weeks to appear...
Thumbs up to the new Emo...it should be impressive.
Yep, I'm eager to check it out. Thanks.