3.1 channel audiophile setup for music and movies

Does anyone have experience with a 3.1 channel setup for both music and movies? I'd like to be able to use my JMR Bliss Silver monitors for both music and movies, but finding a "simple" amp setup so I can listen to music in stereo, and then use a center speaker and sub for films when I want to is proving difficult. I'm trying to avoid having lots of components to deal with. Is there an audiophile amp/preamp or integrated amp setup that could be used without needing a separate AV receiver? Right now I use my Bliss speakers connected to a Bel Canto C5i for both music or movies (C5i is connected to my TV with an optical cable, and also connected by RCA cables to a Bluesound Node 2). It sounds great for music and pretty good for movies, but was hoping to be able to add a center and subwoofer to enhance the movie experience. I don't have any desire to convert to a 5.1 or higher setup, I like the simplicity of having less. Any suggestions/insights are much appreciated. 
Parasound P7

Can also do it with most preamps / integrateds that have a Home Theater bypass and 12V trigger output. :)


If simplicity is your goal and then nothing (IMHO) can come close to SONOS Playbar and Subwoofer setup. I have this setup in 2 out of 4 rooms in my home.  

The sound on both movies and music, convenience and ability to stream unlimited music (through Tidal) is simply amazing. 

erik...thank you for the suggestions, I'll check out the Parasound.

lalitk...I wasn't thinking of a Sonos player and sub, but if you say the sound quality is amazing, it does seem worth considering.

In addition to great sound, it's the simplest setup I have seen. You just need one toslink cable that goes between playbar and your TV. Rest is all wireless :-)

SONOS does supply a 'cheap' toslink cable but I would use a quality cable like, Analysis Plus or DH Labs. 

Thanks, lalitk. It certainly sounds like Sonos is a good choice for simplicity's sake. I was hoping to come across a fairly uncomplicated setup using just my monitors, then adding a sub and center, and it is possible, but definitely not uncomplicated. Oh well, I guess that's how it goes in hi fi. 

erik...looked up the Parasound preamp you mentioned. Looks very interesting, but also came across a Parasound 3 channel power amp (Halo 31), which looks interesting as well. The search continues...