2x bryston 4b sst biamping or 14b sst single

I , I'm new in the forum but i read you a lot. i have a question for you guys . i want to know the best set up for my magnepan 3.6r, do i buy a bryston 14b sst for stereo only or go bi amping with 2x bryston 4b sst, my pre-amps will be a VTL 2.5. thank in advance
I'm a Bryston dealer. If you mean 14bsst2 vs four 4bsst2, I'd go with the 14b sst2. Very nice sounding product without the extra necessary cables that the 4b's would require. Their top technology in a stereo amp.
Your preamp is really good. Its very underrated product. As far as the amps go, I don't think there will be a big difference in sound quality given how similar they both are. You should have plenty of power either way. If I had to make the choice, I would pick 2 4's and do a vertical biamp. I like going vertical for 2 reasons. 1. You can use each 4 in mono but I find that bridging an amp usually alters sound quality in a negative way. 2. Using one 4 for highs and the other for lows is not a good idea either. Each amp will be under a different load. The sound will vary depending on how hard you work it.

Going vertical eliminates the issues I mention above. The amps will be running un bridged and with the same load on each one.

That said, I would still try to demo both amps. You may like the sound of the 14 better for some reason. Bryston and Magnepan have always been a very good match, so you should have no problem finding a dealer that has both brands.
Thank guys for your fast responce. yerterday i auditioned a bryston 4b sst2 ( to a dealer )with some martin logan xlr ( top of the line ) to hear what king of sound can expect whit my magnepan 3.6r. btw i prefer my 3.6r ( the sounstage is wider and the detail are far better in my 3.6r in my umble opinion. so after audionning i have the same problem , in i volume the sound is full and rich everything is balance ( bass , mid and high ) but went i lower the volume the bass is gone . so the saleman install a martin logan depth i and WOW this is what i need . he ajust the sub very low ( in volume ) with a cut at 45 hz and the sound was full, deep, rich at all volume , finally i found the sound i want. it's a big change in my mine , i have enough power but not enough bass . thanks