2nd tonearm on HRX

Hi all, I would like to add a second tonearm to my VPI HRX, can anybody give me some advice on how to do it?
Would a stand alone armpod be a good idea?
The table is on a Symposium Ultra platform, and the stand alone armpod would also sit on the same platform, somebody say the armboard should be connected to the plynth, but how can I do that?
Thank you all, and forgive my english.
I would email VPI for suggestions.
Dear Marco, I ordered such an 'construction' for my Kuzma Stabi Ref. by Reed L (www.turntables.lt).I.e. a tonarmbase
and an 12" tonearm. The possibility in your case is dependent on the dimensions of your VPI. You can email me
for the detais.

Done that, no reply yet, tried again this morning, we'll see. Thanks anyway.
I've actually thought about adding an extra arm to my TNT by drilling the requisite hole in the left rear corner - ie a direct mount to the plinth.
It looks like the TNT would have the 'real estate' to accommodate an extra arm, but i'm not sure if there would be any negative ramifications (ie possible damaging vibration etc) by doing this.
Paul, go for it.

My HRX had the JMW tonearm hard bolted direct into the plinth, so doing the same on the other side should have no sonic impact.
Hi Downunder, the HRX plinth is a sanwich of acrylic-aluminium-acrylic, do you think it's possible to drill holes without damaging it?
More precisely, I would need to drill holes on the acrylic in order to bolt an armboard to the aluminium center layer, do you think that's doable?
Dear Marco: Looking in your virtual system I'm not sure even how you can accomodate a stand alone arm board in the rack/platform. About that the arm board has to be connected to the plynth maybe in theory but there are many such set up working just fine ( I have one of that set up running very good. )

Anyway and this is not what you are asking but maybe is time that you could think in a TT change where you can buy/have a " natural " TT that handle/mount several tonearms at the same time, there are some very good choices out there where I'm sure you don't have to " sacrifice " nothing on quality performance for what you have today ( VPI ).

Regards and enjoy the music,

Regards and enjoy the music,
Dear Raul, thanks for your reply, I read many of your posts, you are an inspiration. Yes I know I should probably change TT, one day I'll do it, but that day is not today, sigh. Long time ago I had an Acoustic Signature Analog 1 Mk2 that I sold, now I regret it, go figure...
Anyway, just wanted to find a way to add an extra tonearm, one with a detachable headshell to play with different carts, that will still be here when that day will come...but maybe you're right, I should give up...
Re "Paul, go for it."

Shane I was considering getting an arm with a detachable headshell and mounting the left corner of my TNT as per above.
Something like a Jelco would be pretty cheap and allow some flexibility with cartridge experimentation.
I still have the Graham 1.5T, which I suppose could be mounted - but a bit of a pain since it needs a SME slot to be cut and plinth thickness could be an issue with cable lead-out.
The other obvious option is to just get another Phantom armtube. That way I can take advantage of the superior Phantom sonics/adjustments - though each cartridge would need to be dialled in (AS, Az, VTF, VTA etc). Less messing around - and I could sell the 1.5T to fund the extra Phantom armtube.

I have an Ortofon AS-309-S on my Raven and it is very good. the detachable headshell is very handy indeed.

I believe Jelco OEM the ortofon tonearms.
Peter Ledermann of Soundsmith has his VPI HRX with two tonearms. The second arm is a Schroder Ref. He has custom platform bolted of the left rear pillar of that table. Look very well done. I saw is at the RMAF the last couple of years and thought is looked and sounded very good for something that VPI does not offer.

Perhaps you could call Peter and see of he can make you one for your HRX.

There should be plenty of pics avaiable on line to see what I am talking about.
Thanks Pcosta, did a search on the web and found a pic of Peter Ledermann's HRX, that's exatly the idea I was looking for, I'm going to email him for suggestions, I may even end up ordering one of his carts.....Thanks again,
I always thought that part of the point of VPI tone arms is that you can buy easily changeable arm wands from VPI? And fit them with your cartridge of choice.
You are correct that VPI is very easy with their interchangable tonearm wands. the best you can get for a single tonearm.
However it is not as good as having a seperate complete tonearm set up on the table.
That was one of the great selling points of my selling the HRX and buying the TW Acustik raven AC-3.