2nd system dedicated cdp: $500 Build quality a +

Looking for dedicated cdp with exceptional build quality for vintage system...no need for dvd,dvd-a,sacd,multi, or changer...primarly looking for very good sound and exceptional build quality...20 bit ok too...DEnon 1650 comes to mind...any others?
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Audio Refinement Complete. I believe that this is the Classe "budget" line...but you'd never know it by performance & build quality! Be sure that it comes with a remote ($50- option) but it controls ALL components of the original "Complete" series
I am using a Music Hall MMF CD25 cd player (list $540) with a Marantz 2240 vintage receiver and Omega Super 3 loudspeakers. Vintage receivers can have a warm beefy sound and the Music Hall's detailed and musical sound complements it well. Build quality is excellent and the silver finish mates well with vintage equipment (see my Bedroom System).

Regards, Rich
Just a bit more than your budget, perhaps, but worth it - a used Arcam Alpha 9 CD player. It's an excellent player.
An advantage of the New Tube 4000 is the ability to upgrade, including to an upsampler.
I would second the Music Hall. Exceptional build quality, and I think it has a vintage/retro look.
NAD C541i is a good inexpensive choice. Great sound, rave reviews. HDCD, good all around CDP. Under $250 used. TAS even made it a recommended product for 2 years in a row at that price point.

Really, a good choice. Build quality looks great, and I've never known one to have problems, but there have been some DOA after 2 years complaints. But many more folks swear they've had years and years of trouble free use.
Audio Refinement is actually YBA's "budget" line although Classe has some really nicely built CD players in their line up too. The CDP-1 is like a tank.
Aball, WHOOPS! Thanks for the correction. Brain fart, indeed!
Classe CD .3 is indeed built like a tank. Weighs about 15-20 lbs, has balanced and RCA unbalanced outputs, a wonderful DAC and a smooth yet detailed sound. You should listen to it first since it isn't for everybody. I like mine and have listened to many since buying it and still go back to it. It will only occasionally play CD-Rs. Good luck!
Rotel 991 AE
I have the Audio Refinement Complete Alpha, and it's great. It doesn't way 50 lbs, but the build is designed to remove as much jitter and noise as possible. It's very important to discern between the Alpha and non Alpha versions. The Alpha is much improved in essentially every way.