2nd system at Lake home...advice?

I'm in the planning stages of putting together a cheap, no "fussing with", but reasonably good sounding CD based system at the weekend place. IOW, a best cheap system that offers fairly good sound.

Here's what I'm thinking so far. Please jump in with any advice, recommendations etc. I want small speakers on stands that can handle classical, jazz, and rock. They need to give a reasonable attempt at realistic bass level and sound. Speakers under consideration:
B&W 303's or Sound Dynamics RTS 3. I also heard a small Ruark monitor that sounded well. Integrated amp: The Creek 4300 series is the only one I've heard and was very impressed with it.

Don't know a damn thing about CD players as I don't have one; same for cables and intereconnects 'cause I haven't bought any for years. Wire seems tremendously overpriced to me. This is where I really need help. What about some of the cheaper stuff at Audio Advisor?

Might add a tuner at some time. It's a rural area and the tuner has to contend with hills and distant stations.

Keep in mind that I'm not all adverse to buying used stuff. Thanks for any help in advance.
Buy a Linn Classik, upgrade the speaker cables to K20, and audition as many speakers as you can. Simple and really good. Among the very cheap speakers, NHT Super Zeros and Super Ones are my favorites. The Audio Refinement CD and integrated amp are also very good, especially when used together. If you add a tuner, buy a good antenna, like the FM Dynalab that AA sells for about $100. I put one in my attic and I can't believe how good FM can sound.
NAD makes an all in one tuner/amp/CD player that would be less expensive than the Linn (not quite as good as the Linn from what I have read), I have not listened to it, but still very good for the money it seems. If you look into the Linn (the later model has a tuner) you may also want to see if they still make their in wall speakers, which used to sell for around $600/pr. I listened to them 6-8 months ago and was quite impressed. You said that you wanted stand mounters, but if it's a small place the "in walls" would be nice and the Linn could go on a shelf or better yet in closed a cabinet.
thanks for the help, folks!
Think about Jolida JD 302 or 502 integrated tube amp, either can be gotten on the net used for a decent price. The tubes will look great by the glow of a fire and sound even better.
I bought the NAD L40 for the wife (livingroom) with a pair of JMB Tantal 505's.It sthe 4th system in the house and gets more air time than the others. If you are not looking to blow the walls out its a very nice unit with that typical NAD sound -a little laid back... If space is a premium then this combo will do the trick and with speakers should run you about $600.