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I recently acquired a NAD 3020 for a song, and all things considered, its a solid performer, however I could go for a little less upper bass warmth which can bloat things a bit....would a B&K st 2xxx or Adcom 535 be a substantial improvement?...I have efficient speakers and dont listen that loud...
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What speakers do you have? This could make a big difference in recommending an amplifier.
The 3020 is a great piece (had one from 1989 to 2002). It can be a little soft in the region you describe but usually more laid back than bloated. One issue now could be it's age (if it has not been recently serviced) and the need to update some capacitors. Certainly the speaker could also be a factor. More information could help acquiring better advice.
The amp has been recently serviced/inspected so no issues
there...and I am using modern, nuetral monitors...so to keep it focused on the amp...would an affordabl

aParasound, Adcom, rotel, or another NAD be a signficant improvement?...I did let the amp run a bit last night before listening...and the bass region did seem a bit tighter...but most impressive to me is soundstaging...deep, wide, and very clean...
I am using one with IMF Super compact speakers and could not be any happier...very musical
Similar acoustic signature, but much better resolution and more solid bass can be found with the Audio Refinement Complete integrated amp. Should find one for around $500
My friend has an Emotiva amp, big beast acquired used for around $700. The amp is very neutral, yet detailed, musical, and powers his Maggies with ease. Emotiva makes a lower powered amp that may fit your needs. Definitely worth looking into.
Im gonna add an Adcom 535 amp to see if i can increase bass slam...or a 555 if i get really lucky....
before you decide on the 555, maybe read one of your older threads


also keep in mind of the 555's and age. How long before caps need to be looked at ?