2nd Rowland Model 1 to improve my Aerial 10Ts?

My first day and post here, so pardon me if I stumble a bit!

I have a pair of Aerial 10Ts, Wadia 6 CD Player going balanced in to an old Rowland Model 1 (60 watts @ 8 ohms, 120 watts @ 4 ohms or 360 watts bridged), with interconnects and speaker cables being Synergistic Research that are essentially matched for the gear. I thoroughly enjoy what I hear, which is why there have been no purchases in 5+ years. However, I sometimes think about adding a second Rowland Model 1, but have no idea what benefits, if any, I would get. My room is adequate...not bad and not great. I listen at moderate volumes, generally listening to blues, jazz, and classical. What improvements might I get by beefing up the power with a second amp? My thanks in advance!
Tough choices...the Aerials' impedence dips a bit low in the bass, so you'll likely get more punch and control with better ease and dynamics with another Model 1. I owned a pair some years back with Apogee Duetta Sigs and they were fantastic bridged, though still a bit recessed, soft and sweet (and dynamic).

Then again, your Wadia is falling a little behind the curve, so if you're listening habits are low to moderate volume and your room is on the small side, you might benefit more with a good modern DAC...tough choices...
Like Richards.........I once owned a pair of Model 1's bridged.....driving Duetta Sigs. Great sound. Eventually traded the 1's in on a Model 8....which had a lot more oomph. The Duettas needed more than 60 watts per side......and in bridged mode, the 1's were fine. The model 1 is a great amp, and you can find them used at a reasonable price. Probably get a little more bottom end with the added amp.
IME, it takes more than 300 watts/channel to get the 10t's to really sing. I like mine, but they're not the most efficient speaker by far. I wouldn't bridge your amp just to get more power. This will divide in half the impedance the amp sees and just makes it run hotter. I also think most amps sound better in stereo mode. You could get another identical amp and connect them vertically to the speakers. That is, one channel of each amp driving the woofers and the other channel driving the uppers. However, I still think the 10t's need a lot more power. It may be cheaper and more satisfying in the long run to find another, more efficient speaker.
Like Dan said, 10t's like power. I personally am biased to Levinson amps, however any quality high-current amp with 200w/channel or better will light up your 10t's.

At one point, I was powering my 10t's with a pair of Classe' M-1000 monoblocks. 1000W/ch at 8 ohms.

These days, I'm running Aerial 20t's with Levinson 33's.

Good luck in your quest.


Paul :-)
Thanks guys! It looks like things may not be as simple as I had hoped. New CD player? More powerful amp(s)? More efficient speakers? That's a lot of thinking that needs to be done!
Hello Brian:

Keep the 10t's. You'll have to spend a LOT of money to get anything remotely better.

If I were you I'd look for an amp first.


Paul :-)
Beemer.........I agree. I went through a number of speakers before hearing a pair of 10Ts. They were the first speakers for under $10k that sounded perfect for my tastes. I would have trouble selling mine! I found one for $700 that had some very slight warping of the cabinet on the front right corner after the person who owned it had experienced a flood. It is a flamed maple cabinet. I tried to order a matching maple 10T from Aerial, but they had quit using the maple, so I ended up with a sonically matched speaker in black. One day I'll have the maple one refinished to match.

I called Aerial today and whoever spoke to me agreed with a previous poster who had mentioned that bridging two Model 1s would not be the best way to go. I will begin my search of amps in the local stores and take something in the 300+ watts category home, just to see what differences I hear with more power pushing the 10T's. It would be far easier (and more affordable) to find a powerful used amp that pleases me than to start a new search for speakers. Some of the speakers I favor won't work well in my room.
Another one sliding down the slope! :) Brian, I agree with your decision. Beemer is the one who taught me the ways of the 10t's. It's always easy to tell someone to go spend more of their money, but if they come to that conclusion it's all the better.

Have fun!

Dan.......I almost hate to get back into "the hunt". I remember that it was driving me crazy a few years ago and then the sun came out when I finally stopped and just enjoyed listening to the music, rather than trying to "hear the gear".

The biggest challenge I faced was whether to select speakers I really liked and work the other gear to get the best sonic match I could afford, or to build around an amp. This remains one of the issues I am tempted by! The Pass Labs Aleph 3 amp sounded SO good that I wanted to build around one.....before finding the 10Ts. I still lust after a system built around the Aleph 3, but was never able to find speakers that appealed to me that could be pushed successfully with the low power of the amp. The fact that the Aleph 3 is now REALLY priced low starts the speculation all over again. With luck, I'll be smart and can find a well-powered amp that I can afford in order to bring out the best of the Aerials! I have a feeling that this would cost less than trying to build around an Aleph 3.
YOU NEED more power AND BIG AMP.
I HAVE 5 ADS L 1590 II.
IN HT SET UP NO SUB. Oh My God Man I can't express in words how awesome these ADS speakers are,WITH BIG AMP,
Absolutely amazing.
It's like taking a blindfold off of my eyes and can see for the first time.