2nd pivot for VPI 3D

The 2nd pivot mod is now available from VPI....interested if anyone has any thoughts on it ...are using it,?
Didn't know it was available yet but I will be ordering one for sure.  
kindly post your findings gshepard.....thanks
the weisfield scan upgrade train just keeps rollin' on down the track... LOL
jjss49....scan(m?) /improvement.....you should choose your words more carefully - (and check your spelling).   I have spoken to reviewers who say the 2nd pivot is a great improvement on a product already tops in it abilities.  I also heard from some that its a pia to install...  asking for feedback from those who know what they are talking about.
op-- haha, well my late night typing not so good, apologies for that

i simply meant the weisfield "CLAN" upgrade train ... no intention to imply 'scam' of any sort - i am quite sure that most if not all past, present and future upgrades are quite legit, if incremental, improvements

i fully recognize the company makes very good products (i actually own some of them), just as i also recognize them to be quite expert capitalists lol
Just installed pivot kit. So far more complete bass. Channel balance is improved. All frequencies with improved focus.  If you are at all curious just do it...
It took 15 minutes to install, but about 3 hours of playing with it, essentially to satisfy myself that it was optimized.  I am amazed at the difference this simple modification makes.  I am not one to exaggerate, but here I go.  The bass is better, tighter, better defined.  The delineation of the musicians is greater, sharper focus, better illusion of front to back on live recordings.  I listen to a lot of acoustic jazz, prefer live recordings.  The dual pivot makes the acoustics where the recording was made more apparent.  It is like the difference between my Ortofon 2M Black and my Per Windfeld.  I am just stunned that such a simple thing can make this much difference and have no explanation for it.
I think it would be useful of reviewers of the 2nd pivot let us know which cartridge is being used for evalualtion.  I suspect that the pivot would be more beneficial to low compliance (stiff) cartridges rather than high compliance ones.
That is a good point. My cartridge upon which these comments are made was an Ortofon 2M Mono SE, which is based on the 2M Black.  Lateral compliance is 22 micro meters/mN.  The arm is a metal VPI JMW 10, Series 3.  I have another kit on order for my 3D arm and will probably start with the 2M Black when it arrives because of the similarity of those 2 cartridges.  I am also eager to mount my favorite cartridge, a Per Windfeld, in the dual pivot modified 3D arm.  Later I might try either a Shure V15 or a Stanton 881 or both, who knows?  I have a lot of cartridges.
I'm using a black wrapped 10.5"arm with an Ortofon Cadenza Red.  Next install will be on a 10.5 3D arm with a Cadenza Black. I wanted to start with my lessor cart/arm then work my way up. 
I've been reading everything I could about this mod....it seems to be universally accepted as a pretty significant improvement.   I have a 3D with a Winfield installed, and now am a bit concerned about the question that low compliance cartridges are a better match.   I have never heard that before.  I haven't bought it yet...not because of the cost, but it would be disturbing the setup I now have which sounds good to me.  I'll continue reading these posts
It is easy to back the second pivot screw out just enough to lift it off of the glide plate.  Doing so is identical to removing the kit.  This makes it very easy to compare the effect with and without the second pivot.  The instructions suggest starting with the minimum amount of pressure necessary to keep the point of the second pivot in contact with the glide plate throughout the entire arc of the arm.  Then increase pressure in small increments to compare the sound.  Increasing the pressure results in sound improvement up to a point, then it falls off.  With the 3D arm making this pressure adjustment is very easy to do by adjusting the azimuth weight out on the side with the second pivot.  A Counterintuitive is also an easy way to adjust the pressure of the set screw on the plate for arms that lack the adjustable azimuth weights.  You are doing nothing that can't be undone, practically instantly, and the mod will undoubtedly improve the sound of your Windfeld.  
Thanks Bill.....an important adjustment on the 3D (really any arm) is the azimuth adjustment.  If more pressure is provided with that second pivot, am I wrong in suspecting that the azimuth would be disturbed?.  When I use my Foz in the setting up of the arm, this adjustment was critical...from very good sound to WOW.  I want to keep the wow....or do you compensate with the counter intuitive....
It is easier to visualize what is happening when you have the kit in your hands and no matter how articulate our words are, they fall short.  I will try.  Visualize a tripod, that is a platform with three feet.  The first foot is the unipivot of the VPI arm which you are familiar with.  The second foot is the second pivot, think of it as an outrigger like might exist on a canoe, which supports the tonearm and prevents it from tipping on the unipivot. The third pivot is the stylus resting in the groove of the record.  We have just defined a plane in space.  The azimuth is very precisely defined by the outrigger or second pivot.  So adding pressure or weight to the second pivot will not change the azimuth as it did before, because the second pivot will prevent movement.  The three points of contact fix the arm in the plane defined by those three points. So with the kit installed, the side to side rotation about the axis of the unipivot is eliminated. The arm is stable like a gimbal bearing tonearm.  The trick is to optimize the amount of pressure exerted on the second piovt as azimuth is fixed and stable.  When you see it the simplicity will become apparent.  What is amazing is how such a simple idea can have such an extraordinary effect.
Thanks Bill....I'll give it a try.
I ordered the kit recently. Still waiting on delivery but I'll chime in here when I know something.  

The interesting thing to me is, this seems to increase the effective mass of the tonearm by adding friction in the horizontal plane. Which should make the tonearm more amenable to a range of carts with different compliances. and in addition the 'extra' mass is adjustable depending how much you tighten the pivot, meaning the arm's mass can be fine tuned to the cartridge. And even more, you get a more precise AND stable way to adjust the azimuth to boot. That all seems kind of brilliant. 
Different in application, but similar to what Basis does.  Basis put a second bearing inside the unipivot well and use a counterweight with one empty side to balance the arm against the second bearing.  The result is a unipivot arm that looks and feels like a fixed bearing design.  Absolutely no wobble.  
Well I received my dual pivot assembly and got it set up on my Aries 1. I’m quite happy with it and I agree that it’s a worthwhile upgrade to the normal "single pivot" arm. There’s a clear improvement in focus and precision in space, and it isn’t subtle or imaginary. With this mod I feel like I have a better sense of what the cartridge is really capable of. Also the azimuth is blessedly easy to adjust with a little twist of the included hex wrench. That takes a lot of the mystery out of the process for me. So good that I ordered a second one for another arm wand.