2k budget for home theater

I was thinking of spending 6 to 800 on a receiver and jbl lsr308s in a 5.1 setup. Can I do better with 2k? This is for strictly games and movies. How far can my 2k get me ? I can stretch it to 2400.00. What do you guys suggest? 2 fronts a center receiver and sub for 2.4k possible or anything better than jbl lsr 308s? Thanks!
Those JBL speakers are powered. You don't need powered speakers with a receiver. The receiver contains the power amplifiers. I found this in your budget.

B&K 707 Receiver $799
4 Gallo CL-2 speakers 369/pr = $738
1 Gallo CL-C center speaker $299
1 Gallo CLS-12 Sub $599
Great speakers . Just get yourself a pre/pro that has balanced out  , some balanced cables and you are good to go . Bryston sp2 , Anthem d1 are two great pre's . The new marantz 7702 are lowering in price daily too .
Can you send me links as to where to purchase those items for the price listed? Thank you!