2k budget for Amp

With a budget of ~2k for a new or used amp to power Spendor S8e any suggestions of what I should be checking out?

Is it important to find a class A amp?
No.It depends on sound you like.What have you heard that you like?I can tell you from same manufacturer (I sold Krell back in day) all things being equal Class sounds better but gives off way more heat.Hard to find Class A new at that price.If you could see if you can get trial on a Class D amp like PS or Bel canto.But Wyred from Underwoodwally offers big current for bucks.Nice old standby for me is Bryston 4 B ST with warranty left on it (A/B).You have some options on a hybrid integrated like Pathos for $1500 or a Unison.or go tubes with decent integrated (I won EAR 834 but think friends Cary SLI80 is one to beat).But you didn't mention pre so......
I just bought a used Parasound A21 after much looking for a lot less than 2K. I almost went with a Class D but it seemed the more I read the more downsides I encountered.

The comments on the A21 seem to be universally positive. Though system synergy and tastes have to be taken into account.

I almost forgot I really like it. :-)
Used amps in your budget I would consider:
- Plinius SA-100
- Pass Labs X-150
- Older Jeff Rowland amps
- Audio Research 100.2

I'm still skeptical of the class D amps, but admittedly, I have no first hand experience with them.
How about the Plinius SA50 MkIII that's listed today.
Should mate nicely.
I had a Bel Canto s300 with my Spendor 1/2e's and I really liked it. Just recently I bought a Jolida brc502. In terms or realism, in the room feeling, detail and sparkle, the Jolida is amazing, especially at the price I paid buying used. Being able to change 3 sets of tubes really allows you to fiddle and fine tune your sound, the Bel Canto does not allow for that. I will never own a solid state amp again, although I do have a solid state subwoofer in the mix.
Would you mind a powerful (+250wpc), great sounding, U.S.-built, well-built, trouble free amp from a well-established company which has terrific customer service, one whose owner often answers the phone, and runs Class A for the first 20 watts? If so, then you'll want to bump your budget by $399 for a new one or just wait and buy a used one: AVA Fet Valve Ultra 550. My guess is that most of the time, most of your music will be run within those first 20 Class A watts.
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I have an "extra" FET-Valve 550 hybrid amp, just didn't realize it ran class A for the first 20 watts??

It is a nice sounding amp though it has been modified and the RCA inputs have been changed to balanced inputs.

It sounds lovely and airy......
Agree Hanamike/Jaymark.With tubes as front end in Integrated you get both that's why Unison Unico and Pathos Classic Mk II are great amps.Get bass control and "bloom" and warmth from tubes.I go all tubes but I use horn speakers and do mainly jazz.But a ss power amp and tubes on top would be a good choice just not sure again what pre your using.
Jaymark - Yes! First 20 are class A. Perhaps that's why it sounds so terrific (smooth). First 10 are Class A in the 350, which is why I recommend the 550. Maybe don't need 250+ watts, but 20 Class A watts are well appreciated.
Class A vs. Class A/B and on a budget.

Is getting the full 360 on the sine wave really worth the loss of efficiency and low power? Most amps are push pull, but seeking that audio high, is it worth tracking down class A?

What about solid state class A, does smoothness or do you need to take the plunge into tubes?