$2k amp for Eminent Technology LFT 8.

I'm in the market for a new amp for my Eminent Technology LFT 8's. Right now I have a vintage McIntosh MC-2200. The amp is exhibiting some issues and needs to be sent in for service.

Anyway, I'm looking to replace it for now. I don't want to go down in power as my amp gives out before I do right now. Not by much, but a little more power would be nice.

So right now I'm considering Emotiva's XPA-1. I know Emotiva isn't usually considered in 2 ch applications, but I've read some nice stuff on their flagship mono's. Other options on the table are the D-Sonic and Wyred's.

I would suggest a Pass labs amp used. I am running a X150 with my ETs which puts out around 250 watts before clipping. You will notice a tremendous improvement in sound! What preamp are you running?
I had a number of amps before this one. The Pass is one of the best out there.

Might want to check this amp our on Audiogon $2300 looks killer haven't heard it and I am a little wary of class D amp, but this is one of the best.
Preamp is a TADAC. Will look into Pass Labs.
check out this link just saw it excellent info.


scroll to "Amps for Maggie 1.6 and Eminent Technology 8B"
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