$2K-$4K Integrated w/ HT Bypass?

I am looking at the Musical Fidelity A5 which has the home theater bypass feature. Any other integrated amps with this feature in this price range worth considering?
Magnum Dynalab makes both and integrated and a receiver with HT bypass. Both are killer and, in my opinion, superior to Musical Fidelity. Good luck.
Plinius 9200
Krell KAV-400xi. That'll work.
Ditto Krell KAV-400xi. There is a used one on sale here at AudiogoN for $1900 obo.

What speakers do you have? How much power do you want/need? How big is your room. I listened the the A5 and Quad 12L (the larger of the dynamic monitors) and was not impressed at all. I think it was just a bad pairing. Add the SimAudio I-5LE to the list. Rogue Audio Tempest II also. You can have Rogue put in a HT bypass.

Good Luck
Thanks for the responses! I am using Von Schweikert 4JRs with a Musical Fidelity A5 CDP. Room is about 17X24. Currently using Sunfire Ultimate Receiver which works well for HT. I feel like I need some decent power because of the dual duty of home theater which gets pushed pretty hard sometimes. That is the attraction of the MF-A5 (plus the matching with the CDP), at 250W. The pairing that everyone is talking about with the 4JRs is the DK Designs (maybe I ought to see if they will do a bypass?).
Naim NAIT5i
Plinius 9200 if you want a warmer, more solid sound than the Krell.
i am using the dk design vs1 for my audio system and having my ht setup font channels come thru the vs1. the vs1 does not have a ht bypass and i did not want one. if somebody has the input on the ht bypass and is turning up the volume because they don't hear anything then decides to move the input to another setting (with the volume up), you could blow your speakers. i just adjust the dk to a certain setting, then the ht processor to a certain volume #, and things work well.
good luck
Mac, question for you, define "more solid sound then Krell". Warmer I can understand, the Krell isn't warm, cold and precise, but not warm. "More solid" sounds like a reference to base response. The Krell has that in spades.
Your approach could be a problem for me since I travel a lot and would have to depend on my wife and kids messing with this amp in that way. It seems that having the bypass feature would actually be more safe for them. Of course, I could just set it up before I leave I guess.