2ch Preamp w / processor loop/ surround processor

I am interested in what external surround processors people are using in conjunction with their 2 channel preamps with processor loops. I have seen several folks mention that they are taking advantage of this feature that is found on such pieces as the Adcom GFP-750, etc... Any specific comments as to the combo that you have, why you like / chose it, etc.. would be appreciated. I am thinking about going this route rather than an all in one pre / processor unit. Sean
I got a GFP-750 with that in mind. However, I ended up dedicating a room to two channel and leaving the HT by itself in another room. I think it's a good idea, since you can alway combine/split HT and two channles as your mood/needs change, without compromising your 2 channel setup which is much more demanding (and gets used much, much more!) than the HT.
FYI, it was going to loop into a Denon 5700 DTS/DD receiver.

Hope this sheds hint-o-light.

I use a Sonic Frontiers Line2SE with a Denon 3800 receiver through the processor loop for HT. By using a receiver with pre-outs, you don't need to buy a three channel amp to power your rear and center channels.
I bought a cheap used Denon AVR-3300 to use via the processor loop of a long line of integrated amps (Anthem Int.2, Arcam Alpha 9&10, Plinius 8200). I use it for digital processing, bass management and to power the center and rear surrounds. I'm not a "video guy" so it is good enough and smokes most mass market setups. Visitors to my "cave" are often in awe of the combination (hey, it's a small room).

BTW, I currently use "phantom mode" as I'm not fond of the sound from the affordable center channel speakers I've tried. It will have to do as the matching center for my Tyler monitors cost $2000. A lot of money for video in my book!