2ch Preamp Recomendations

Hi all,
I'm looking for recommendations on a 2 channel pre that would match well with my system.

I'm currently using my Yamaha RXV-2500 as the pre, and found the sound opens up when I take it out of the way, (connecting the Bellari or Oppo directly to the Hafler)

Oppo CD/DVD player
Bellari VP129 TT pre
Hafler DH-500 power amp
B&W DM640 (upgrading to Magnepan MG12 or 1.6 soon)
Velodyne DLS-4000R sub

Need at least 3 inputs and 2 outputs (1 for the Hafler, 1 for the Velodyne), and remote control is not needed.

I was considering a Eastern Electric Minimax ($~650 used) but I'm now wondering if there are other choices in the same price range that would mesh better with my amp and speakers (current and future).

Regards, Alex333
Adding to my own post..

How about the Classe ssp-25?
the AES/Cary preamp is killer.

Parasound P3 is a killer too.
The classe will color the sound. Try an Anthem TLP or a B&K pro 10 as the bargain choice with great sound.
I wouldn't balk with the Classe.
Just purchased a Classe SSP-25 pre for $400.

Using it's analog bypass for 2 channel audio only. I love the way it sounds, much cleaner and relaxed than the Yamaha, by far.

Regards, Alex333