2ch HT spkr: Aerial 7B; Dyn S3.4; or Solil 6.3?

Need a nice full-range slim floorstander for 2-ch home theater use that works well with mid-fi/high power SS amp (amp will probably be Rotel RB-1090 @380 wpc into 8 ohms).

I have a small Soliloquy S10 sub to help out in the bass dept., but still, the fuller range, the better. Excellent detail retrieval yet not 'too' harsh a tweeter would be good. Room is ~20'x20' open concept. I have found smaller speakers are 'lost', therefore the fuller range the better. Budget ~$3k used.

I am leaning towards the Aerial 7B, only 'cause there is a pair locally. Any opinons on any of these 3 choices?
With a amp that powerful, you will be safe with any of these choices. I've actually heard all three, and they all sounded very good. My personal preference would be the Soliloquy 6.3, but mostly because they are a much easier load to drive with a tube amp. Using a SS amp, they didn't sound as good as my friend's pair of Dynaudio S3.4's being driven by a Krell amp. I'd have to say that I preffered the Danes over the AA 7B. The 7B's are still very fine speakers, my tastes lean towards the warm side of neutral, and the Danes had that richer midband, IMHO. Not quite as rich as a Cary V-12i tube amp driving the 6.3's, but very nice nonetheless. The AA 7B's image well and are more dynamic, they are an excellent choice as well. All three speakers will work well when matched with the right components. Your musical tastes could favor one over the other. If you are set on that amp, my first choice would be the S3.4's, followed by the 7B's and then the 6.3's. If you value dynamics over warmth you may prefer the 7B's. BTW, I heard the 7B's driven by a Classe CA-300, which seemed to control them very nicely.

Good luck and happy listening,
The Sols 6.3s really don't need much power...oh man will they rock out thou! I felt no need to have a sub on when I ran these fullrange. This is one manufacture that didn't play with the specs to much. These speakers certainly get down to the mid 20 hz range and without the boxiness.. all the while putting some subs to shame!

Good Luck!
thanks for the feedback guys. John- that was an EXTREMELY detailed and helpful response! I may contact you off-line for some further thought once I hear the AA 7B's (the other two I have no chance to audition).
I've only heard the AA 7b's and without question they are an excellent speaker and if you decide to go HT they would be a great foundation to a five channel setup. They do need a bit of power to make them shine - there is a 8b currently on Audiogon for $2800 that is a steal.
Sedona- I read somewhere that there were more issues (room placement??) with the 8b, whereas the 7B seems to get more universal accolades. Comments on this??