2CH FROM HT SET UP:Revel & sopia el4

Need some input. I had a chance to listen to a 2 ch tube sys. and can't shake the bug. Looked at the Sophia SET EL4,28w per. What are the thoughts of using this with Definitive 7004 bipoles? Also, I was looking at a pair of Revel M12's as another option. Rega Planet CD player. Positives and negatives of each?
I just put together a similar system in a spare bedroom wich is 12'4" X 12'6" with a 10' ceiling.

I have a Sony 40 1080P LCD, Onix SP-3 MKII tube integrated, Time Warner HD cable box, Oppo 980H universal DVDP and a pair of Zu Druids.

Sweet little system if I do say so myself. :0)

The Oppo is really amazing for both video and audio. It easily surpassed the hype. The Onix amps are a steal at ~500 used and are a great match for the Zu's.

I was thinking of adding a Cambridge 840C to the mix, but the Oppo is so good that I feel no need to upgrade and will probably just get the Cambridge for my main rig.

BTW, the Oppo also has digitial volume control which the Onixs' don't have, so this is a nice feature. And, it has a decent virtual surround for use with two channel set-up's which works very well for movies, concerts, etc.

Now I just need to get some decent IC's and speakers cables and I'll be in business.