2ce signature vandersteen with what amp?

people with 2ce signature....is solid state of tube better on the mid bass area? i have a Q subwoofer
I perfer tubes especally if you have the sub since you won't have the issuse of not enought power with tubes. YOu will naturally be byamping the bass off of solid state and the mids and highs off the tubes. That is what I did when I had them.

I sugest you go listen to both though. Tubes are smoother and wormer the SS will be well more solid state.
I also prefer tubes with these though they do also sound great with a high quality solid state amp. Powering mine with a recently purchased Rogue Cronus integrated.

Sounds amazing!
I've run my 2ceSigs and 2wq sub with both a ARC VT-60 (50 wpc) and now a McCormack DNA-225. Both amps perform well in the midrange in my set-up. I prefer the significantly better mid and lower base control with the DNA-225. Also, based on my experience, I highly suggest playing around with speaker placement. +/- a couple of inches can make a big difference - in my case, after I switched to the DNA-225, I moved my speakers out from the wall an additional 2 inches or so (this after following Vandersteen's set up instruictions to the letter)... and WOW, images floating and everything sounds better top to bottom. I really love my DNA-225.
I use the TAD-150 pre and TAD-60 power amp. I just rolled in some Tung Sol reissue Tubes in the power amp. Made the music sound more lush and open. Plenty of solid bass... I am not sure what Bizzy-Bee is selling the TAD-60 at but, I bought for $900. I had a DNA-1 and the TAD-60 with 60 watts per side put the DNA-1 to shame...
Buy a McCormack DNA 0.5 or DNA 1. They sound great with either. I've heard that Steve McCormack uses Vandersteens to test his amps. He actually advised me toward Vandersteen when I was looking at speakers to use with my DNA 1.
If you go ss, I would certainly recommend the DNAs and get them modified by Steve McCormack (SMcAudio) when you can afford it. Great amps, great service, work terrific w/VAndys (esp. vertical bi-amping).
Simply put, it's not a matter of tubes or SS. It's a matter of preference. We've covered (in many threads) the recommended amps for Vandersteen speakers. There are some of each and you should listen to the ones that you think best fit your tastes.
The short and incomplete list, in order of preference, is (from personal experience):
BEL 1001 Mk V (SS)
Quicksilver V4 (tube)
Theta Dreadnought and up (SS)
ARC Tube amps 50-100wpc

There are many more, and just because I don't list them here isn't meant as a slight. What it ends up being is a matter of taste. What you'll find is that the amps with the least signature sound of their own will probably be your favorite. For me that means BEL amps. If I were to choose a tube amp I'd consider the Quicksilver V4s or newer ARC tube amps. YMMV!

Last, IMHO the heart of the system is the amp. You've got one of the best speakers at any price. Now it's time to put a great amp in front of it.

(Hopping off my soap box...)

Hope that helps! Enjoy the auditions too. That's one of the most fun parts of this hobby. ;-)

I used 4 mono block Meitner MTR 101 amps.Loved it back in 1988.