2a3 or 300b amp for me ?

I have Klipsch Cornwall speakers and want to get a set amp to try out with them for 2000 dollars or less. The short list is a Welbourn 300b or a Wright Sound Labs 2A3 or 300b amp. All of these amps come highly recommemnded. I listen to jazz in a 14x25 room room at moderate levels. Comments are appreciated on the sound of a 2a3 vs a 300b and the suitablilty of these amps for my listening situation. Where does one tube type excell over the other if any place. Has any one listened to both to compare them ( tube types, not necessarliy the specific amps ).


You are off to a good start with the recommendations of the Welborne and Wright. I would add the Fi X 2a3. By changing rectifiers,$15, you can run a 45 tube in it. If you poll 100 audiophiles on which is the better tube you will get an interesting pie graph on preferences. It wouldn't matter if it was 95 to 5 in favor of the 300b, you might like the 2a3 better. They are both winners, one may draw you in more. Good luck.
Why not search for someone in your area with an amp that you can try in your system.
Cannot comment on a 2A3 or 300b, but I am running Steve Deckert's new 6W Taboo pentode amp with my Cornwalls. Absolutely stunning results for just over $800, and you get a 30-day money back guarantee. Runs with EL84/SV83 tubes. Amazingly neutral for a tube amp, lets you hear the music that is in the grooves without any added "warmth" or "glow", as quiet as a SS amp.
For less than 2000 I'll second the Decware or Fi suggestion. I'd go with a 300b and get the additional power. With your efficient speakers it is quite critical that any amp you get be well designed/executed as they will amplify the slightest bit of noise from your amplifier.

Klipsch Cornwalls 101 db eficiency.
should sound great with tube gear of any variety. the cornwalls will sing with any quality design. even higher watt push/pull tube gear is cool
I have been comparing the two tube types on my Lowther Lamhorns, using amps from Electraprint audio, built by Jack Elliano himself, monoblocks, one pr built as 2a3's using nos tubes USN dated 1943, the other pr as 300b's using Sophia mesh Princess tubes(a new pr of Sophia's arrives tonight, having been assured by Sophia that they are an improvement. Listen to classical chamber music only.

The 2a3's are sweet as they could be, particularly great on clarinet and flute, as well as piano. One easily gets to love them. My pair of amps has silver output transformers so these are very quick and transparent, and again, very sweet. Just a real treat and real live beauty.

The 300b's have a wonderful midrange, a fuller lower mid (cello, double bass) and a guttines on all strings that reminds me of live, which is really sometimes even sqeaky, unless Gil Shaham is using his Strad.. If I could pick only one pr to live with forever, would pick the 300b's by a slight margin. Am waiting to see if the new Sophia tubes can sway me even further. also waiting to see how much $ Jack Elliano will charge me for new silver trannies for the 300b's.

Love them both. The tubes you use are critical on both amps, as is the bias. New Sovtek 2a3's are very good, but the nos USN are sweeter. Am collecting a harem of amps, waiting to be able to buy an OTL Tenor pr, so can compare.
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Larry, I'm largely with Fjgiovino56 above regarding the general differences between 2a3 & 300b. In my office I have an ASL Orchid 2a3 int amp and at home an Audio Note kit1 300b amp. From extented comparison, I'd say that the above description of 300b sound is what I've found: colorful and full especially in mids and lower mids. The 2a3 is sweet, but doesn't have as strong a charachter as the 300b. The 2a3 seems like it adds less color to the sound and less texture also. Overall, it seems more accurate due to it's clarity and yet gives tremendous depth which is something I always thought was related to a recessed midrange.

That said, I like the sound of my 300b more from a musical pleasure standpoint.

For reference, I haven't tried too many 2a3 tubes: JJ, other Chinese stock, and Sovtek. On the 300b I've tried stock Chinese and western electrics.

You may want to check with Boa2 as he runs Wright 2a3 on his Khorns. His sound is really good and truly satisfying.