29" Speaker Stands for Paradigm 20 v5 Monitors?

I just purchased a new pair of Paradigms. Any recommendations on reasonably priced 29"stands ?
The Paradigm stands seem too pricey.
Sound Anchors not cheap, but excellent.
You have pretty good sized speakers so you need something heavy duty and that can be filled with some type of mass. If 28" height would be OK, how about these:


Very nice product for the money.
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I like GWiz Products. They have a pretty cool website that will let you enter in all your own dimensions so that you can custom-build it before you order and it will give you a total of how much it would cost. A bunch of options like wood species (no MDF or metal), fillable center column, stain colors, spiked feet, etc. You should be able to get a pair of red-oak, 29" fillable stands in any color or finish they have for not that much over $200 if you hang back and look for their 20%-off sale they usually run at least once a month.
I searched "speaker stand 29" on ebay and got 20 results, some nice options under $150.
Save yourself some cash and look at the Sanus steel foundations. They come in 26" or 30" height. You can get them at Wayfair.com for under $150 a pair with free shipping. BTW,I use them with my Harbeth P3ESR's and they are just fine.
Don't skimp on the stands, as the sound of the speaker will greatly suffer. Sound Anchors are excellent, but they are expensive. Try Target MR stands - much cheaper, but still very good.
Many thanks to everyone.
I am leaning toward the Sound Anchors. I spoke to Bob @ SA and he took the time to answer all questions and explain his products.