26"-32" LCD HDTV Buying Angst--Toshiba? Sony? etc.

I'm shopping for a LCD HDTV, probably a 26", & probably either a Sony KDL26S2000 26" Bravia, or a Toshiba REGZA 26HL66 26". This is based mainly on reading reviews on Amazon, & in CR. It would be either for my 12" x 16" LR, or my 10" x 11" BR, why I'm leaning towards a 26" (& the rooms are adjacent, so I can move a 35lb. TV from room to room if need be). I can order the Toshiba for about $800, or the Sony for about $724.

Any advice? Should I wait for the prices to drop more? I have CRT TV's in both rooms now, so it's not urgent, but I have "the urge to Buy Something", you know how that is :-) Oh, & my LR is my main Listening room, with Totem Mani-2's, etc., so TV & DVD watching is important, but secondary to music listening.

TIA for any feedback, steve
Moving it isnt gonna be real practical, so why not bite the bullet once and go bigger, I have a 30in Sony in a 17 ft living room and it is great, but if I could have a bigger unit I would have, PS mine is 3 years old so it was still CRT in the affordable range LCD and Plasma were pretty insane price wise.
Why the angst?Small price difference there.I stioll like the look of regular glass TV's up to 36".I might get a 34" 16:9 XBR.But if I am going to compromise quality for thin I'd start off at the 42" Sony Bravia LCD.The LCD sets looked good a few years ago but entry level projectors are so cheap now if I have to change a bulb might as well just get a projector.But sounds like you have what you want and the price is close,format's same etc.If they didn't look close to the other you'd havce allready knocked the lesser out of contention so your egtting upset when there are so many other things to get anxious waiting for you tomrrow with much greater gravitas.
Bigger is not always better. How far are you going to sit from screen? Are you going with HDTV? Etc.
Perhaps using the word "angst" was an overstatement. Maybe I'll flip a coin, or post on one of the more video-specific boards. I find, in smaller rooms, that a 26" TV is "just right"--not too big, not too small, but I'd consider a 32" if there wasn't much other "stuff" in the room.

It's tempting to go bigger tho, these days. The 42" Panasonic Plasma that's so popular is only $1299 now. But in my small rooms, not practical, IMO.
Since I discovered how much stereo imaging improved when I removed my Sony 36 XBR from between my KEF 104/2s, I've come up with a plan for a Sony Pearl (VW50) projecting onto a 92" diagonal Stewart SST FireHawk screen for movies and certain HDTV programs. For casual TV viewing I plan to supplement this with a 26" - 38" flat panel TV that can be wheeled into place much as a tea or bar cart might be.

The room is 14 X 19, we would be 10.5' from the projection screen, within SMPTE and THX guidelines.

I ask Chadnliz why this isn't practical. Only needs power and HDMI cables; wheeling distance would be about 6'.

The result would be the best of both worlds: great stereo imaging for music and video immersion for movies. 5.1 is already spectacular.

I have a Toshiba 36HFX73 that has treated me VERY WELL for the last couple years. With the DVI input(get a Kimber Kable) the HD picture quality is no less than excellent. Sucker weighs a ton though!!
I recently purchased a small (32") LCD. I ended up getting a Sony but I was very impressed with the Panasonic LCDs. And they're cheaper than the Sony too. I thought the Toshiba was good too, but just a tiny touch less good than the Panasonic or Sony.
I'm glad we have already a few opinions. I hang,a lot at avsforum. ---My sisters old Sony glass tube went south. Just about that time there was plenty of buzz about this tv from Costco---the Sceptre 32.---Well I talked her into getting one. I also talked her into getting the TWC box exchanged for their HD box.--The combination of the tv and hd box; makes for a picture to die for; at only $600 bucks. 32 in a widescreen is just the right size coming form a 27 4.3 set.(( Yup, it has a hdmi))
I thought I'd add an extra tasty reason for buying at Costco. You won't need to buy CC or BB's extended warranty @ 100 or so. Costco has the best exchange in the business. This lil' tv is a giant killer.