$2500 in speaker Questions

I am looking to purchase a pair of sreakers for my new system. I am running Sunfire's Theater/Cinema Grand combonation. Now I know the three speakers I am requesting feedback about are very different but I'm looking for opinions of anyone that has had experience with more than one of the three comparitavely. My three choices are Martin Logan's SL3, Kef's Reference model 3, and PSB Stratus Gold. I love the sound of the Martin Logan's but the reports I have read complain about positioning and room shape and size. I heard the Kef's and fell in love but again my room is only about 12x15 w/ 10 ft ceilings. Where I can place the speaker is very limited because of where the door and Fireplace are situated. Someone recommended the PSB's to save some money. I haven't had a chance to listen to them yet. Are they comparable, or would the money I spent on the Sunfire equipment be wasted on them? Thanks in advance for your input.
Another consideration is the Polk rt3000p. Comments?
Somewhere on this site is a pair of Gallo Nucleus Reference's for about that price. Also a pair of Gallo Solo's for about half that. I love my Solo's.
If you're up to the "quest" (pun intended), go with the SL3s. But you must understand that they aren't drop-and-play speakers. You will spend dollars and lots of time getting them right. Tilt, toe-in, positioning can drive you crazy. Of course, you'll need to find other equipment to compliment the speakers. However, the musical rewards are the goal. Don't take this as a knock against the KEF. Though I currently own dynamic speakers, I lived happily with ESLs for 15 years. If you do decide to go dynamic, also check out the Coincident Eclipse. Goodluck.
JCTubes by "find other equipment" are you saying that the sunfire equipment is a poor match for ESL's or did you mean something else?
Coincident Eclipse is a good choice.
I listened and liked all three speakers you listed. The PSB Goldi sounded great to my ears and would warrent aleast the time to listen. Sorry to muddy the water, but I would also suggest you listen to the Hales Rev3, Hales Rev2 and PSB Silveri. I bought the Rev3(front) and Rev2(back); they sounded the best to me. Due to your room considerations the Silveri and the Rev2 might fit your needs better. They both give up a few bass notes to the larger units, but no sound quality. Martin Logan's are neat, but large. Sorry Kef. I'm sure you can find some use for the savings from the M/L's; like maybe a small powerful sub. Happy listening. LR
I live with model 3-2 for mains and 5 x model 1 for surround. I absolutely love them and don't believe you'll find anything better. Try stephanie at onecall.com for great price.
In my opinion the PSB stratus Golds are superior to the KEF speakers you mention. I have compared both speakers in with the exact same electronics but in different rooms. The Martin Logans are certainly a worth while consideration. I would suggest you buy some PSB Stratus mini speakers and a good used sub if you have space limitations. With a little efford you can find the PSB speakers for around 700.00 and I have seen quite a few great subs on this site for between 500.00 and 700.00 dollars. Or as another poster suggested the PSB stratus silvers would be a great buy.
I have had the SL3's for about 6 months. The writer that talks about the placement woes is correct, up to a point. You will probably play with the placement for a few months, less if your room hasn't any funny angles. The be prepared to truly enjoy music again, but not if you don't invest in good speaker wire and interconnects. The SL3s are unforgiving of upstream mediocrity. And get the M-Ls soon as they are discontinued and the replacement has about a 20% price increase in them. United Audio in Chicago is selling ML3s for 2400 a pair, new in a box.
give john meyer at newform research a call, especially if ya like the sound of the martin-logan's. he can set you up w/a nice, easy-to-place (compared to the m-l's!) pair of ribbon speakers for $2300, or even less, depending on which model. see their www, & see the user-reviews at audioreview. http://www.newformresearch.com/ http://www.audioreview.com/reviews/speaker/index_N.shtml good luck, doug