$250 Belkin, or $1200....

I've got one set of outlets for my entire stereo system. I've got my power amp plugged into one and everything else has to go into something. Should I just buy a low cost power conditioner such as the Belkin PF60, or will I benefit much by spending $1000 more on the new PS Audio Quintessence? I had been using a Panamax 5100 and it seemed to work just fine but it has to go into the bedroom system and now I'm needing something else. I've got a fairly expensive system (Pass, Sim, Bluenote, Clearaudio). I just wonder what kind of benefits I'll get by going the extra step up in $$$.
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Call your electrician and add circuits, keep the additional runs on the same electrical phase and use 10 gauge copper (if possible) and not less than 12 gauge no matter what.

The price for the electrician, Romex and breakers may be less than what you would have to spend on conditioning equipment.

If you don't have room in your present box for more runs for the stereo, a sub panel from Square D (the one with the copper bar) is the way to go. Even with that added expense you may still be close to the same money spent.
Thanks for the input guys, but I'm still wondering what the $1200 unit will do for me that the $250 unit won't.