24p vs 48 hz or 60hz for video playback?

Is there a decided difference between these when playing movies/blu-ray on a hdtv?

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I have a Pioneer Elite 151FD display and a Pioneer Elite 95FD blu ray player. Both are capable of 24p. When comparing the 24p output to the 60Hz output, the differences were subtle.

On another display, the differences might be more dramatic. The 151FD, and Pioneer Elite displays generally, have an excellent implementation of the 3:2 pulldown process, and so even at 60Hz, they look very "filmlike." On a display that executes the 3:2 pulldown process less well, the difference between 24p and 60Hz would probably be more perceptible.

So, the answer is: It depends on the display. Not especially helpful, I know. What it means is you must try both on the same display, if possible.
If it was shot in 24p then you need to play it back in 24p for the best results. If you have a projector or TV that can interpolate frames then let the projector or TV do that. With interpolated frames you can get 24p to look eerily realistic - some may like this effect or some pay prefer the effect of the original 24p (the way the film was shot).

Examples of a projectors that will do this - Panasonic AE4000.

Converting to 60 Hz which is not a mutiple of 24 Hz is not going to give you the highest quality no matter what you do.
I agree with Shadorne in that, if you have 24p capability, use should use it. I certainly do. But if your question is "Should I spend a lot more money to get 24p capability?", then to me the answer is: It depends on how well the 3:2 pulldown process is implemented in the player/display. In some players/displays, I have seen it implemented extremely well, to the point where the gap between 24p and 60Hz is fairly minor.

Having said that, my experience has been that most players/displays do NOT execute the 3:2 pulldown process very well. So, if you want to be safe about the best possible quality, then choosing a 24p player/display is the right choice.
I have been looking at a panny tcp54g25 which does not have the 24p and then yesterday I was in bestbuy with the kids and looked at the tcpvt20 3d and I was very impressed with it. The tcp54vt25 has 24p but it is really expensive. I think I will just keep saving my money and see if it comes down in price. I don’t think the 24p jsutifies such a price difference but the 3d was fabulous.

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