24bit wave to CD?

i have some 24bit tracks composed by myself and have tried many different ways of burning to try and maintain the 24bit quality but all programs automaticaly change files to 16bit!

I have a 24bit a3.2 MF player so i imagine it can play true 24bit and is not just upsampling? anyone have experience of this?
The "redbook" CD standard is limited to 16 bits. Recording techniques that capture word data in excess of 16 bits always need to be dithered down to 16 bits before final CD formatting to play on any CD player.
there is softwared you can download from the internet that will allow you to burn the 24 bit files onto a DVD, and then you need a player that can play DVD Audio.....an inexpensive one of that sort is the Oppo....
I have heard about the dvd audio 24bit but i realy wanted to get it to play though the Music fidelity CD player as it can process it.
The Musical Fidelity CD player you have can not read 24 bit information - only 16 bit "redbook CD" formatted discs...same as every other CD player.

24 bit references the way that your player reads the 16 bit data.

DVD-A is the only way you will be able to keep intact the 24 bit tracks you have.
Or ... Blu-ray. That's another option.

Old school you could do 24bit DAT tape.. !

DVd-Audio authoring is not required. Two channel 24bit linear pcm is permittable in the DVD_Video spec.
thanks for those answers, i will try the dvd option.
DVd-Audio authoring is not required. Two channel 24bit linear pcm is permittable in the DVD_Video spec.

while the DVD-Video spec allows for 24 bit LPCM, it must be sampled at either 48 kHz or 96 kHz. The DVD-Audio specification allows for 24 bit LPCM at 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, and 192 kHz.

Based on that, if the original material is 24/48 or 24/96, then either the DVD-Video spec or the DVD-Audio spec will work. If the material is something other than 48 or 96 kHz, then you can't use DVD-Video.
2 questions:
1-Is there no way to burn files like this as a data file?
2-Is there not a player that can read the data files and output the info? If so I'm assuming the player would have to be more than just a regular redbook type.
I'm going to experiment putting some high-res files on a flash drive today and see how my Oppo likes 'em.
tried playing a data file and mpeg and wma but still cant get my dvd player to read any of these 24bit files
Don't use data files. If you can only play DVD-Video, then using 24/48 or 24/96 audio, try DVD-Lab Pro to make a music video DVD. If you can play DVD-Audio discs, try DVD-Audio Solo.