24bit/96khz a fraud

Many new cd players feature 24/96 DAC without internal upsampling , what is meaning of 24/96 DAC in this player?
What kind of cd player is it? Maybe I can explain it to you.
one of the magazines had a pretty good write up of the 24/96 standard within the last 6-8 months. it may have been stereophile, i don't recall (too much undergrad fun has wreaked havoc on the 'ole short/medium term memory). if i find the article i'll post its particulars. check their website.
Generally, (and this is by best understanding, i may be wrong on some of it) a 24/96 dac will convert the DVD 24 bit 96 kHz digital signal to an analog signal that can be used by the preamp. Usually, they will also convert the standard red book CD 16 bit 44.1 kHz digital signal and the DVD 24 bit 192 kHz digital signal to an analog signal. This depends on weather the manfacturer decided to include the laser and the associated chips and software. Most of the machines on the market now are designed to read the DVD-V layer and signal. The only player that I know of on the market right now that can read and convert the DVD-A signal is made by Technics (Model DVDA10). As far as upsampling goes there are only a couple of machines on the market that do this and they are pretty expensive. If the machine upsamples it reads the 16/44.1 signal and then uses a math algorythmn (spelling?) to create a simulated 24/96 signal. A current 16/44.1 CD does nto have any 24/96 signal info on it. The upsampling DAC creates the 24/96 simulation using math. Look through some of the past Stereophile articles for a better explanation, www.stereophile.com
The current (Jan 2001) issue of Stereophile has an article on just this topic. Read the article about the Technics DVD-A10... It's about upsampling and not really about the DVD-A10. And just my opinion: The future of these "upsampled" kind of things is murky! The producers of recorded music have enough problems getting TWO channels of red-book CD down. Now they can do a half/dozen different sampling rates and 5.1 .... yeah right... and I can sell shares in the Brooklyn Bridge. But, this may take off, unlike Quad sound, DVD is very popular on it's own, and that may drag DVD-A into reality as a viable medium.
I think he means CD not DVD, i.e., the Cary Audio CD303 and other new CD players are listed as having 24/96 D/A converters. These are CD players, not DVD players. How do they decode if they don't upconvert?
article on sample rate converters on the Muse web site: museelectronics.com