24-bit digital data standard

Does S-PDIF support 24-bit data? How about AES/EBU?
Yes, both interfaces can transport 24-bit audio samples, however the presence of a valid data stream is no guarantee of the sample size being utilized. Kevin Halverson
For more info check out this link- www.hut.fi/misc/electronics/docs/audio/spdif.html All the info you need is there.
grumpybob -- the URL is a dead link. I fiddled around and got to Helsinki University of Technology, but couldn't find my way to SPDIF info. Please repost if you can. Thanks.
Hi 1439bhr, soory for the mess up. I forgot to capitalize 2 letters and that is why it won't work for you. Same address but upper case M in Misc, and E in Electronics. www.hut.fi/Misc/Electronics/docs/audio/spdif.html I didn't realize URL's were so damn case sensitive. Give it a try. Brent
Thanks, it worked. One thing that's not clear: 16/44.1 and 24/96 are two popular implementations of the standard. Are other combinations such as 24/44.1 supported?