24 bit/ 96 kHz PC playback, help please

I have downloaded HD Audio at Music Giants to see if there was a big difference from CD. Unfortunately, I was only able to play at a max of 44 khz. When I switched the converter to 96Khz, it would give me a digital "connection error". I Am using a Roland UA-25 24 bit/96 kHz USB Audio Capture box connected to Vista ultimate 64 PC. Songs were played via media monkey or media player. The output ran from the USB box to a BigBen Clock via optical cable. Then finally into a tube DAC and Pre Amp. Do I need special software such as Foobar? The output into the clock read 9600 but DAC would not see it. I tried two Dacs that support 9600. And no Luck.
Any suggestions? Richard
Most USB DACs will only support 16/44.1 using the USB connection. The Benchmark DAC1 USB supports 24/96 using USB, but the $1,750 Wavelength Brick only supports 26/44.1 using a USB connection. Most DACs will support 24/96 but only using SPDIF / TOSLink.

- Chris
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Thanks but I am not using a USB DAC. It is an Accustic Arts Tube DAC with AES/EBU Balanced digital lmput. The USB to Optical/coax can be viewed at http://www.roland.com/products/en/UA-25/
Here is the reason. The Roland UA-25 24 bit/96 kHz works fine however my DAC will not impute 24 bit/96. It only takes 44.1 and Upscales it. the Benchmark and Bel Canto 3
will do it. I unfortunately love my tube Dac for CD playback. Most of what I Listen to on hard drive or CD is in 44.1 I can increase 16 bit to 24 bit/44.1 and it works fine.