24/96 Upsampling

I've got a SFD2 Mark II, a very good class A type DAC. SF tells me that they will have a 24/96 upgrade for this DAC out this summer. They also have a D2D-1 stand alone box for $600. Anyone experienced the difference in a good DACs performance using one of these new upsampling digital to digital boxes?

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I was just looking at the Soundstage photos of CES. Looks like the Boulder 1012 DAC/Preamp will be something to watch out for (claims to achieve 144 dB noise rejection, true 24 bit performance). It costs $15,000, though. Ok, the Muse does not upsample internally. Upsamplers by themselves are called "digital-to-digital converters". All the ones I mentioned (except the Muse and dCS) do this in the same chassis as the DAC itself. I beleive the Perpetual Technologies model 3 is the least costly of all these, and they (and also Bel Canto) offer in-home auditions, factory direct. The Bel Canto only upsamples to 96 kHz, instead of 192, though. But the Bel Canto is perhaps likely to be the best one for the money...that's only a guess.
Upsampling is the only way to get the absolute most from the CD format, provided the rest of your system is up to the challenge. There are several others, like dCS, Bel Canto, Perpetual Technologies, Muse, and MSB. But I feel that it would take a very expensive linestage coupled with one of those upsamplers, to equal the performance of my Resolution Audio CD50 when driving the power amp directly.
MONK: Upsampling is not the same as oversampling. You need to learn more, and come back later. To Dekuip: Scull preferred the dCS upsampling of a CD to an SACD playing in the SCD-1. Perhaps the Perpetual isn't a good performer, but when properly executed, upsampling only increases dynamic and tonal resolution of the Red Book format.
He said it would appear on his website, and not a post here (not that this matters). Anyway, I'm sure Mr. Halverson would agree that Jeff Kalt of Resolution Audio is his peer as a designer.
Don, I'm in total agreement with you!