24/96 tube dac......24/192 ss dac

A quick question for anyone.
The DAC in the TUBE cd players from around $1000-$2000
seem to have 24/96 dac's in them (Raysonic, Lector, Jolida
etc). A 24/192 DAC can be had in ss players costing much less.
You guys that have experience with these players, does it
really make that much difference in detail? I know that some have one DAC....some have two. I would really like
to try a true tube player, but I have been using ss 24/192
DAC's and I am a little gun shy.....MAC MA 6300 int amp
w/ Salk Song Towers. This is not changing.
I would appreciate any comments.
Your question is a good one that might also be somewhat dependant on manufacturer and model.

For the last five years I have been using an Audio Aero Capitole that has 24/96 and it has consistently sounded great.

I do think it sounded best when doing what it was first designed to to which is to play CDs. I have used it as my main pre with Satellite, DVD and even my slimdevices Transporter.

Recently I aquired an Athem D2 which has the 24/192 and at least with regard to the other sources it does a better job with the music. This could also be that the Anthem was designed to work with all of the externals and it is just doing well what it was first designed to do.
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