24/96 Transports

What transports or DVD players output 24/96 through the coax? I know Pioneer DVD players do but who else?
DVP-S9000ES outputs 24/96 or 16/48. It is menu selectable under, remarkably,"AUDIO SETUP- PCM-Output." I believe it was the first Sony DVD to output 24/96 without down converting.
Marantz DV-18 does as well; you have to set it up on screen also. I believe the less expensive current models of the Marantz DVD players do as well, but I'm not 100% sure on that.
If it outputs 24/96 it's not a transport/ It's a "player"
Avguygeorge-No 24/96 output is a digital output, a player outputs analoge possibly derived from 24/96.
The Theta DaViD and DaViD II output true 96/24 digital signals.
Pioneer DV-09 outputs the 24/96 digital as well as the Theta David. You of course need an external DAC that can handle the conversion. That can be a surround processor with 24/96 DACs, or an external stereo DAC like the Wadia 27ix or the Audio Logic 2400.
The Proceed PMDT, Marantz DV-3100 and Pioneer DV-37 all do. You have to go in the menus and turn them on except for the Proceed where you have to turn it off if your Processor can't use the signal. BTW the PMDT is a transport not a player.
I have a dac that will accept a 24/96 digital signal and I do not want to puchase a transport or DVD that does not have a 24/96 digital out. The information you have all supplied is great. I will only use the DVD as a transport not for DVD's so either or would be fine. I would like to keep the cost under $500.00 so used is good also. I found a DV-525 modified by Mr. Wright that would be a great transport but the person is asking $500.00 for the modified used unit and I feel this is too much. A DV-333 can be had for $200.00 new and modified for $200.00. The pioneer DV-05 and DV-09 seem like a good choice. The digital out is all that concerns me, as long as is can supply a good low jitter 24/96 digital out I will be satisfied. I have a DV-333 I use as a DVD player in my video system and could just buy another. I would like other options and reasons to use them.
Muse Model 8 does as well, and it plays DVD/DAd to boot.
I guess I mis spoke. A transport may have dts or 24/96 pass thru capability,but if it's a transport that's all it has. Not decoding ability. So after re reading the question I see I was wrong,sorry.