24/96 on PTECH P3A?

I downloaded some FLAC 24/96 songs from HDTracks and then burned them to a cd-rom. My transport seems to be able to read the files, but my Ptech P1a and P3a don't produce any sound. Does my gear support these files?

It seems like you have burned the FLAC songs as data files. I don't think any CD transport can read that.

To play 24/96 FLAC, you will need to burn them on DVD, DVD-A, or simply play them from a computer to your DAC.

BTW, those HDTrack samples are unbelievable when I play them from a Mac Mini to a Benchmark DAC-1.
I'm sure you're right, and I don't know much about this whole area. I'm not really set up yet to play from my computer (but I need to change that). How do I burn as DVD? Does Media Monkey let me do that?
I don't use Media Monkey, not sure if it can burn DVD.

On Mac, I use Toast Titanium from Roxio. It actually has an Music DVD format
option and I can specify to use 24/96 PCM encoding, very easy to do.

BTW, you also need to have a DVD player/transport capable of sending out
24/96 digital signal, not all DVD players can do that.