24/96 da converter OK to use with DVD

Hi, Just wondering, is it ok if I use a Pioneer DVD 525 player using its coaxial output --connected to a Cal Audio Labs 24/96 Sigma II transport ? Will I in turn be able to use the d/a converter to watch movies, meaning, its sound will pass thru the d/a converter before reaching my amplifier ? in effect I will get less digital sound or harshnes from the DVD player ? With this set-up will I be also able to play dvd audio disc ? Thanks, Ferdinand
I'm sure you meant that the CAL was a DAC and not a transport--anyway, as long as you've placed the DAC in between your DVD player and your receiver, then you're good to go.

I'm not sure what you mean by "less digital sound," but I will agree that it should be less harsh. The CAL is one sweet DAC.

Not all DACs output 24/96. Most bring the signal down to 48; perhaps someone knows the specifics on your model. But you should be able to play DVD-A's whatever the standard these guys finally decide on.

Ah, see, now I did it. I meant to say that not all DVD players output 24/96. Your DAC is fine and it's a very nice upgrade to your DVD player I'm sure.
The pioneer 525 does output 24/96 but you have to make sure you change it to that option in the menu. Also bewarned that some if not most DVD/DAc combos will make any where from a small crackle to a huge pop when changing disks(it does this when the laser changes or adjusts).
Well are our key board fingers and our minds working in unison?Forgot to mention do you also have processor for movies?The conundrum.All the movies are "watered"down to 48 samp.rate.DADs as they are called are the only24/96 discs where there is no"watering"down.Not sure how your 525 handles the format requirements.but once set in the menue the 48 converted or the24/96 dads pass thru to your pre.So you get true24/96from the dig(only) audio discs and movies sound improved There are few titles av. Yes the 24/96 dac is a great improvement.It is just a chip (usually Burr Brown) but a great improvement. Incidentaly the code(for dvd-a) was cracked and posted on the net (instructions how to)So they withdrew the format.You are aware all dvd players make for inferior cd transports?Hey,you get a dvd movie player,great sound within the dvd format for 3/4 hundred.Good cd sound?- not even close.