24/192 recordings

FYI-The first of the Classic Records 24/192 recordings, which they call HDAD are now available: Mahler's Eighth & Alan Parsons "I Robot."


Their 24/96 DAD series, many of which are on the TAS Super disc list, are also on sale for $15.

If you got a DVD player with 24/96/24/192 capabilites check out what hires PCM can do.
do you think I'd hear any significant sonic difference in the 24/96 I have of I Roboit and the 24/192?
I consider 24/96 to be hi-rez pcm; I see no need to go out and buy yet another player and copy of the same disc I have in three other formats for the higher sampling rate. Is Classic going to provide us with a decent selection of new titles, or are we just going to get the same, limited number of titles they already released as DADs recycled as HDADs? I may sound jaded, because I am--I was extremely disappointed when they stopped their DADs before they even started them because the powers that be in the recording industry went with the DVD-A format over the DAD. If Classic is trying to promote yet another competing format in the hi-rez area, their track record is not too inspiring, and I'm not going to support them this time around unless they can generate some real software that I don't already have and the prospect for a lot more from entities other than them and Chesky.