24/192 Music Downloads and why they make no sense

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24/192 Music Downloads and why they make no sense


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At the end the quality of how it is recorded is so much more important than the system how it is recorded. I have stunning recordings with 192khz. But I also have some which do not convince. I have have redbook recordings at 44.1khz which sound stunning converted to 384khz.
I add, better to buy Blu-Ray discs if you can find material you like, say Miles/Blue.
From our experience, the quality of recording and mastering are the paramount factors effecting sound quality (not to mention performance itself....).

It seem to me both theoretically and experimentally that for Hi-Rez playback the most important is not bit depth (e.g. 24 bit vs 32 bits) but sampling rate. Perhaps for this reason, today, DSD playbacks are best sounding provided everything else is equal

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