230v to 110v conversion for Marantz SACD player

I've searched step-up/step-down converters but most of the info I find deals with amps and turntables. I'm thinking of getting a Marantz SA7001 (UK 230V) and I'm wondering if there are any sonic issues with converting this down to 110V for use here in the states. I'm assuming that this would be much easier/less strain than converting a large amp to 110. The Marantz only draws 20 watts.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
This doesn't answer your question,but I thought the SA8001 may be the US version.I don't know if that helps any.I'm not familiar with either.I'm guessing there will be different opinions on the 120 volt adapter,plus the quality of the adapter/converter.
It does look different.>>[http://www.stereophile.com/hirezplayers/1007mar/index.html]
You shouldn't have any issues.
I live in Australia and use a stepdown converter to run my US Marantz player with the 230V grid here.
Go to www.voltageconverters.com for what you need.