220v/50hz to 120/60hz

I have read almost all afternoon to see if there was some way to replace the motor pulley on a planar 2 that is a 220v/50hz model running on a voltage converter (runs about 20% faster due to 60hz power). Are there aftermarket pulleys that make it possible to use this table in the US? Or is it inevitable that I will have to purchase a new motor. Lastly, if anyone has an old planar 2 or 3 motor laying around... you now know someone that will gladly take it off your hands. HELP!
They sell aftermarket replacement metal pulleys in both 50&60 Hz types. Maybe they could tell you. Also, if you go this route, ask if they are returnable. I would be careful about pulling the old one off, trying to not damage the motor. It may be best to ask the Rega company, if you can't find a definite answer. Link. [http://lpturntables.blogspot.com/2011/01/metal-pulley-upgrade-for-rega-planar-2.html]
I should note that I have never done business with this person, and not sure of the pulley. I just found it on the web.
There is contact info, at the bottom of the Rega parts list, for advice:(http://lpturntables.blogspot.com/2011/09/list-of-upgrade-accessories.html) re: pulley removal- Try a wheel puller for RC cars, from your local hobby shop.
Thanks for the info! Have either of you had any experience with purchasing motors directly through airpax or philips? Apparently 120/v/60hz 300rpm motors are still available. Might I also add that they are all less than 8 dollars. Makes you wonder why rega sells there own motors for 165-225...