220 in, 110 out

Can anyone suggest a 220 to 110/120 stepdowm transformer/conditioner with multiple USA sockets with a low 3 digit price limit ?
something like this?

Get a PS Audio Power Plant P-300. It has an internal INPUT voltage switch, which you can set to 230V (it will still output 117v).
How many watts/VA? Recommend at least double the capacity on the transformer as the equipment draw for audio. Standard US wall outlet is 1800 watts or 1.8 KVA.

Avoid cheap "converters". Weight/VA is a good indicator of quality.

Must be rated for 50 or 50/60Hz.

220 /110V or 240/120 is typical but 220/120V might require some creativity with multi-tap units (Signal, Hammond, Acme) but most of those are open and require enclosures . Cheapest way to do it well is to get a used "industrial" transformer, like a Sola or Acme off Ebay or whatever and a bit of DIY wiring.
Should have mentioned that the 220 is European