21st century recordings on LPs

I was reading the thread titled "Digitally recorded lps?", and it doesn't quite answer a question I've had. I recently got a turntable (a Rega P25) after not having one for nearly 18 years, and I noticed that it is possible to find LPs of music recorded in the 21st century (even music recorded this year). I am wondering if it makes any sense to purchase these LPs, or are they really only meant for DJs? In other words, are turntable lovers stuck with music recorded before the advent of CDs (of which there is a lot of worthwhile music)?
just like cd's...lp's (new and old) are a crapshoot.
If you look at places such as audiogon.com, acousticsounds.com, and elusivedisc.com, you'll find recent recordings for sale on vinyl. There seems to be a little shift to offering material on vinyl that is well recorded. In fact, the new Anthony Wilson set has been released on vinyl before being released on CD. Digitially recorded means just that: the recording was made to a digital recorder rather than to analog tape. You can draw your own conclusions about that, but recording to a digital source doesn't seem to me to ruin the magical sound of vinyl.
Bernie Grundman?? Studios is doing Analog all tube masters of current recordings. Niel Young's last two albums were masterd by Grundman Studios. I really like the sound of both of them.

I saw some other recent artist with BG Analog All Tube mastering, but someone with better memory can fill the gaps here....
I have plenty of DG digital recordings on vinyl from the last century and IMO they are sounding excellent.
I don't feel nostaligic either for the backgound tape hiss of some analogue recordings.