211 tube integrated choice

Hi all,

I am about to setup a small system based on an integrated 211 tube with vinyl as the main source. Please give me your input on what are the options available for a 211 tube integrated amps?

You could always go with Kondo....... ;-)
Kondo? heheh... it's my wish mate, looking for more down to earth price range...

Viva Solista...get your wallet out.. You give no indication of your budget. There may be something Chinese out there too.
I am trying to make it under US$4.500, that is with an external phono stage included in the price. Any hopes mate?

The Solista is a wonderful amp, been using it for 4 years, but the ouitput valves are 845. It has 211 valves but as rectifiers. They certainly sell under $4500 used.
Hi David12,

Thank you for the info mate, did you ever listen to New Audio Frontiers 845? I could not find Solista in my area. But a chance of a used NAF 845 is on the horizon.

No I have'nt heard the NAF, I think it is more expensive than the Solista and the Mastersound, cheaper. All are from Italy, 845 SET's and have a good rep. They all appear at times on the Gon. Be careful imprting and changing voltage. I bought mine in the US and changed it easily to European 220 volts, but it was too much for UK 240volts, After blowing capacitors and tubes, it had to return to Italy for new transformers, costly.
Hi David12,

The retail for NAF 845 is 8.250 euros brand new. I will keep my eyes on the Mastersound, as cosmetically they are more pleasing to my taste, hopefully it does sound as good as.

Here in the equator, the current is at 220v mate, I do prefer a 220v unit, rather than have to convert it. Sorry to hear about your incident mate, but given that you have been living with the Solista for 4 years it must has been serving you good mate. By the way what speakers are you running the Solista with?

At the moment I am using Acoustic Zen adagios and even at 89db, the 22watt Solista drives them easily. I have my eyes on the small outfit Ridge Street Audio Sasons, a 2 way standmount made of granite! Their cables are great and the speakers really look very interesting.
Hi David12

I have been googling and reading about the Sason it looked beautiful indeed, kinda like a smaller avalon. Have you take a listen to it?
Meanwhile MasterSound and NAF is high on my list for the integrateds, I really hope I can have a chance to listen to them soon.
However some folks here mentioned to me that some DIY integrated SET might also be an option for me. Have you had any experience using DIY's?

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No experience with DIY, but there are some excellent kits around. I live in the UK, so listening will envolve a long trip, hopefully to RMAF. I am chatting with Robert and Steve at Ridge Street
Hi David12,

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I just love London, had a great time every time I visit there. What you mean by RMAF? and who is Robert and Steve at Ridge Street if you don't mind me asking?
Tektron TK211-$9595 GE211's WE310A input, DACT attenuators-As good as it gets!