$20k speakers that really impressed you

They will be $6k-$7k on the used market in a few years, and that's when I just might get them.
No particular associated equipment implied, this would be new system. I don't like horns.
Not sure they will be $6k-$7k in a few years, but the Legacy Audio Aeris are just phenomenal when set up optimally.
Lol, they’re not $20k, but the new Revel F228Be that I heard at AXPONA impressed the heck out out of me!  I think used sets can now be found around $7k.  I recently was able to audition a set of Rockport Aquila in Houston, which I think originally sold for $45,000 and are now available for $12,900. Yeah, they sure impressed me, but man they are big speakers, too big for my room.
Then probably for mine too. Besides, I don't have $6k-$7k for speakers now, it will take at least a few years to save on.
GamuT RS3i speakers are in that price range. I have heard them at shows and in a friends home and they are incredible. Maybe one day I will own a pair but good luck finding them used. 
No particular order...

Acoustic Zen Crescendo II, Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation, Usher BE-20 Diamond, Nola KO or Studio Grand Reference Gold, Wilson Sabrina, Rockport Atria, ProAc K6, Vandy Quattro CT, Carver Amazing Line Source, PBN Montana XPS
All right, I'll bite.  Harbeth 40.2, Spendor Classic 100, Vienna Acoustics Liszt.